Bhutan in the mighty Himalyas represents a mystical destination left for those who seeking a journey back into time. Visitors walk into a rich and vibrant culture still living in the dances and songs, festivals and legends, the arts and architectures, all in a pristine natural setting of majestic mountains and lush, pristine valleys.

Today, Bhutan is also seen as a fine example of sustainable eco-tourism. Inspired by its unique development philosophy “Gross National Happiness” the national policy of “high value, low volume tourism” asks every visitor to be sensitive to a society that is trying to preserve the best of its past in a rapidly changing world.

Therefore, in keeping with the government's cautious and balanced approach to all aspects of the development and modernization, the tourism industry in Bhutan runs on the principle of sustainability. This means that tourism must not only be economically viable but equally sensitive to the local culture and environment. Tourists can travel to Bhutan only through all-inclusive package tours for which the Government of Bhutan sets the international tariff.