Royal Manas National Park

Manas National Park represents the largest example of tropical and sub-tropical ecosystems in Bhutan. Therefore it is called Bhutan’s Crown Jewel and is the oldest wild life sanctuary. This park houses many endangered species, therefore has only recently been opened to the public. Due to high variance of climate, Manas is also extremely rich in wildlife species, including the highly endangered Royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, greater one-horned rhinoceros, clouded leopard, Himalayan black bear, gangetic dolphin and pangolin. Found virtually nowhere else in the world is the especially rare golden langur, a primate of extraordinary grace and beauty with its long, silky blond fur. More than 365 species of birds have been officially recorded in Royal Manas National Park with an additional 200 believed to be in residence among which some are rufous-necked hornbill, Pallas fishing eagle, great white-bellied heron, spotted wren-babbler, blue-headed rock thrush and emerald cuckoo. More than 900 types of plants have commercial, medicinal, traditional and religious significance