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The crime rate in Bhutan is extremely low as the country lives up to its epithet of the Land of Peaceful Dragon and the street are safe to walk around but visitors may find no reason to wander out at night since the towns close early and packs of stray dogs tend to take over the streets.


do not walk alone when trekking. You may get lost or encounter wild animals like the Himalayan bear in certain seasons. People with high blood pressure should remember to bring their medicines and trekkers who suffer from acute altitude sickness should walk down to lower altitudes immediately and rest for few hours and have plenty of water.


The costs that we offer do not cover your Travel Insurance. It is imperative that you have full comprehensive insurance cover to protect against unforeseen accidents and mishaps. It should adequately cover baggage and travel delays etc. and helicopter evacuation, transportation and medical assistance in case of trekkers.


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Delays in arrival and departure are sometimes unavoidable for the same reasons. As the airlines depend on visual landing in Bhutan, a clear sky and weather condition is required for the airlines to land in Paro. Similarly, road blocks can occur after heavy rainfall in the monsoon and can delay travel on the road.